Announcing Interos v2.0

March 5, 2020
Harris Allgeier


Brand New Look, Brand New Features

We’ve given the world’s only multi-tier, multi-factor, real-time risk management platform a new user experience, and beefed up the technology powering our risk rating and continuous monitoring functionality. Interos v2.0 gives businesses unparalleled insight into their extended supply chains, discovering the hidden ripple effects of events from around the world as they happen.

What’s New

With Interos v2.0 the following features have been fully implemented in the platform: 

  • Multi-Tier, Multi-Factor Risk Scoring: A comprehensive, summary view of your entire ecosystem with scoring along five key risk factors, providing rich insight at a glance.
  • High Risk Outlier Detection: Machine learning parses 85,000 data sources and provides a continuously updated view of your highest risk suppliers with customized alerts for risk events, enabling truly continuous risk monitoring.
  • Advanced Visualization: See your ecosystem how you want with a risk scorecard, network, hierarchy and geospatial views.
  • Multi-Facet Filtering: Filter suppliers by country, risk factor, industry and tier.
  • Detailed Risk Insights: See individual company risk profiles with detailed summaries of risk-relevant information backing up risk scores.

 Check out the new look:

To learn more about Interos v 2.0 please see our press release or request a demo.

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Ensure Operational Resilience

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Build operational resiliency into your extended supply chain:

  • 889 compliance – ensure market access
  • Data sharing with 3rd parties and beyond – protect reputation
  • Concentration risk – ensure business continuity
  • Cyber breaches – assess potential exposure
  • Unethical labor – avoid reputational harm
  • On-boarding and monitoring suppliers – save time and money