As many of you are likely aware, women hold just 25% of computing-related roles in the global workforce. The five largest tech companies on the planet (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft) have a workforce average comprising 34.4% women.

Today, in celebration of both International Women’s Month and our commitment to reach 50/50 gender representation by 2025, we thought we’d take a moment to highlight contributions and successes of some our female employees who buck the aforementioned statistics and help make the product stronger and make Interos a better steward of our customer’s needs.

We’re spotlighting two invaluable members of the company who, while supporting two very different functions, are both exemplars of female success: Rabia Turan, Principal Data Scientist; and Aarti Sarin, Director of Customer Success, Commercial. 


Aarti Sarin 

What’s your role at Interos and what do you like about it? – I serve as Director of Customer Success, for our commercial customer base. My background is 22+ years in project and program management experience, but I’ve been in the SaaS CS space for around 9 years. Every role in my career has been customer-facing, and I’m passionate about working with people.

Who inspires you and why?  For me, it’s my two daughters, ages 11 and 6. As a minority woman raising two girls of color in this day and age, they motivate me to show them that if you put your mind to something, you can accomplish anything you want with no barriers in your way.

What accomplishment (personal or professional) are you especially proud of? Around three years ago, my daughter, who was three at the time, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive tumor on her jaw. My husband and I both worked around the clock to find the best treatment, and a set of doctors to take care of her. And we were able to accomplish this with extreme focus, dedication and determination to finding the best solution.

What you love most about your work/position/role? – I love working with people and customers! I’m passionate about taking a customer problem and finding a solution for them that drives direct outcomes and provides value at the same time.

Any advice you have for others thinking about getting into your domain of expertise? – This role requires a love for customers, driving outcomes to problems — while being dedicated and focused. A previous CEO once told me, “Customers are our jewels, and we polish our jewels every day!” 


Rabia Turan

What’s your role at Interos and what do you like about it? – I am a Principal Data Scientist at Interos, with a focus on Natural Language Processing (NLP) problems. Currently, I am leading a team of six. My team builds Information Extraction (IE) solutions from news articles. We are building models to extract events, topics, entities, and relationships. The output of these models is then used in upstream tasks in Interos’ products.

What you love most about your work/position/role? – I love working on NLP problems, as with NLP, it is possible to automate tasks that are not scalable if done manually. There is a massive amount of useful information embedded in documents. Extracting and storing this information in a structured format improves the upstream tasks done by domain experts or other Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

Any advice you have for others thinking about getting into your domain of expertise? – My interest in NLP started with studying Automata Theory. I did an undergrad course project on Morphology in Turkish using Finite State Machines. Recent advances in NLP have made the field even more exciting! Anyone thinking about a career in NLP should follow these advances and use them in their projects. However, they should also be aware of the history of the domain. Read research papers from different decades on the topic you are working at to understand how we come here!

Thank you to Rabia and Aarti for sharing their stories – and for making Interos a better place to work. As a female-founded (and run!) technology company, Interos and our CEO, Jennifer Bisceglie, are constatly striving to build a better place to work and create sustainable, nurturing envirnments for women and men to pursue their passion in technology. 

For information on how you can work at Interos, see our careers page. 

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