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On this episode of What Lies Beneath, we’re featuring a conversation from Interos’ 2020 summit for the Financial Services Industry (FSI) featuring Meg Anderson from Principal Financial Group, Jim Routh from MassMutual, and Phil Venables from Goldman Sachs, in conversation with Kevin Mandia, CEO of FireEye. With decades of experience in digital risk, they provide lessons learned on how to integrate into C-suite and Board conversations and priorities to help improve enterprise resilience against epic business disruptions. 

As part of the summit, the panel discussed: 

  • The biggest supply chain risks facing companies as a result of the COVID pandemic
  • What we worry about in the supply chain, and how to address those supply chain risks
  • The new normal that we’re all facing as we navigate through a global pandemic
  • Some of the challenges facing those in the cybersecurity industry are facing at this point, and how they’re protecting enterprise operations in the midst of it all. 

 All guests’ participation in our summit was purely as a public service and is in no way an endorsement of Interos.