Interos Selected for Multiple Speaking Appearances at RSA 2021

February 3, 2021
Harris Allgeier

CEO of global operational resilience platform Interos will be joined by key execs from Google, Gartner, Microsoft, and other organizations, reflecting rising concerns over physical and digital supply-chain risk.

Arlington, VA. — Feb. 02, 2021 — Interos, the operational resilience company, announced a major presence at RSA Conference 2021 today, with the SaaS solution provider scheduled to appear on four separate sessions at the cybersecurity conference.

Scheduled as a virtual event for the week of May 17th, the RSA Conference is considered the premier series of global events and on-demand programs for the world’s cybersecurity leadership, bringing industry together to stand against cyberthreats around the world.

Interos’ participation at the event highlights both the company’s rise to prominence as a global player in the supply-chain resilience space, as well as the increasing importance of supply-chain risk management within the cybersecurity community and the business world writ large. Resilience is also the chosen theme for RSA 2021.

“We’re very grateful to RSA for giving us the opportunity to share our experience on the criticality of securing our supply chains — and the steps businesses can take right now to deploy the best available in AI-powered technology,” said Jennifer Bisceglie, the company’s founder and CEO, who is featured in two of the four events where Interos is participating.

“Between COVID-19, increasingly devastating supply chain-driven cyberattacks like the recent SolarWinds hack affecting the U.S. government, and ongoing tech and trade wars with China, the world has been awakened to the latent risk hidden in global supply chains. We’re pleased to address RSA Conference participants to help everyone meet this challenge head-on,” Bisceglie added.

A widely regarded supply chain expert who has been called on to assist several congressional committees, federal working groups, and other organizations, Bisceglie is joined by Dr. Andrea Little Limbago, Interos’ VP of Research & Analysis.

Dr. Limbago’s presentation, Supply Chain Resilience in a Time of Techtonic Geopolitical Shifts explores how the geopolitical winds of change are upending global supply chains at an unprecedented pace and scope. Dr. Limbago will detail the challenges and opportunities associated with the emergence of distinct ‘technospheres,’ and how organizations can take steps toward greater resilience.

Interos will present as part of the following RSA Conference 2021 sessions:

5/18/2021 – 3.30PM PT
Supply Chain Resilience in a Time of Techtonic Geopolitical Shifts
Speaker: Andrea Little Limbago, PhD, Vice President, Research & Methodology, Interos

5/20/2021: 1.30pm PT
A Punch to the Supply Chain: Fighting Back to Resilience
Moderator: Jennifer Bisceglie, CEO, Founder, Interos Inc.
Robert Brese, VP, Executive Partner, Gartner; Former CIO, US Dept of Energy
Phil Venables, Vice President & CISO, Google Cloud
Edna Conway, VP of Global Security, Risk and Compliance, Microsoft Azure

5/20/2021 – 3pm PT
DBOM and SBOM: New Options for Better Supply Chain Cyber Security
Mark Weatherford, CSO and Board Member, National Cybersecurity Center

Chris Blask, Global Director Industrial Security, UNISYS
Jennifer Bisceglie, CEO, Founder, Interos Inc.
Tom Alrich, Owner, Tom Alrich LLC

Entire Event
Supply Chain Sandbox
Dr. Limbago will help run this year’s supply chain sandbox, an event that will run throughout the course of the conference offering games and hands-on-style exhibitions teaching core supply chain and resilience concepts.

About Interos

Interos protects the world’s largest enterprises — their operations and their reputations — from supply chain attacks by nation states and criminal organizations; from disruption driven by pandemics, tech, and trade wars; and from compromise related to unethical labor, financial distress, and sustainability challenges.

The Interos Knowledge Graph is the world’s largest business-relationship database containing billions of businesses, trillions of relationships, and countless attributes and inputs. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, Interos reveals multi-tier nodes on the extended supply chain, infers relationships, monitors real-time events, and assesses risk – instantly and continuously. Learn more about Interos here.

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