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On this episode of What Lies Beneath, we’re featuring a conversation from Interos’ 2020 summit for the Financial Services Industry (FSI) featuring Manuel Rios from Fidelity in conversation with EVP of Risk Recon, Pete Kobs. Cyber risk in digital supply chains is widely acknowledged as a major source of disruption to enterprise resilience yet much of it remains hidden deep in enterprise digital supply chains. Pete Kobs and Manny Rios discuss their experience working with assessment and operations managers in enterprises and their suppliers to mitigate those risks.

As part of the summit, Mr Kobs and Mr. Rios discussed: 

  • The number one requirement to having a robust readiness plan
  • The role of supply chain risk management moving forward, and and the best practices in that space
  • What challenges people across the cybersecurity industry are dealing with in the wake of the COVID crisis
  • How to work with a physical security vendor that you can’t physically interact with. 

Both guests’ participation in our summit was purely as a public service and is in no way an endorsement of Interos.