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Putting out supply chain fires isn’t a risk management strategy

Disruptions cost A&D organizations $193M per year

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Bigger threats and higher costs are coming

The price of negative supply chain events is rising for aerospace and defense organizations. But most lack the modern supply chain risk management (SCRM) tools they need to survive in a world of more frequent and more disruptive cyber, geopolitical, and environmental risks:

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    81% of A&D organizations have suffered reputational damage as a result of supply chain events—which results in lost customer loyalty and brand damage

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    87% say visibility into their supply chain is more important now than two years ago

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    Yet only 30% of A&D organizations continually assess their supply chains, and most still use manual mitigation methods

Mission critical: Protect and bolster your supply chain

There’s a lot riding on your supply chain—and risks impact far beyond the bottom line. National defense, economic stability, and the world’s transportation needs are all depending on your ability to remain operational in the face of threats.

The right SCRM solution should help your organization:


Get ahead of disruptive cyber, financial, geopolitical, and other threats


Leverage actionable insights from AI and machine learning tools


Coordinate risk responses for improved business efficiency and customer experiences

Protect better, build faster, fly higher

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies are helping the world’s most vital organizations gain full visibility and maintain operational resilience in a world of evolving threats. When you can see all your suppliers to the Nth tier, automate manual processes, and coordinate actions across the business, your business can:

  • Stop reacting to threats and get ahead of disruptions
  • Improve regulatory compliance and ESG standards
  • Gain competitive advantages and find opportunity

The Interos Operational Resilience Cloud

Interos serves a robust federal customer base including some of the largest civilian organizations, DoD agencies, and defense contractors, as well as several top 10 airlines, who use our solutions to:




Uncover your hidden suppliers to the nth tier to find weak links.




Automatically identify vulnerabilities and notify you before disruption to your supply chain.




Model anticipated or actual changes in your supply chain to reduce risk and improve business performance.

By leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, the Interos Operational Resilience Cloud platform ingests and integrates dozens of public, academic, government and commercial data sets to identify complex dependencies and relationships in seconds that used to take armies of consultants.

Contact an Interos advisor now to learn how we can help you see everything and do anything.

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Ensure Operational Resilience

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Build resiliency into the fabric of the enterprise

  • 889 Compliance - ensure market access
  • Sensitive Information - eliminate fines
  • Concentration Risk - identify choke points
  • Cyber Breaches - uncover hidden exposure
  • Unethical labor - protect brand