Manage Spend with Full Visibility of Your Supply Chain

Make smarter procurement decisions using detailed multi-factored risk insights.

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Empowering Business Spend Leaders

Coupa and Interos have combined two powerful technology systems into one streamlined experience that gives business spend management leaders the ability to instantly identify and continuously monitor risks to their digital or physical suppliers within the powerful Coupa interface they already use.

With Interos’ Operational Resilience Cloud Embedded App and Connector into the Coupa Business Spend Management platform, you can track changes and set workflows for supplier risk management across financial, operational, ESG, geopolitical, restrictions, and cyber risk areas.


Know Who You Are Doing Business With

Coupa and Interos can help you:

  • Uncover hidden risks by proactively monitoring suppliers
  • Improve decision-making and operational resilience
  • Gain detailed insights into risk to make smarter procurement decisions
  • Access a supplier’s entire risk profile and drill-down into risk scores
  • Uncover multiple risk factors and identify sub-tier supplier risks
  • Visualize your suppliers’ ecosystem across their extended network, their risk profiles, and gain deeper insight into potential upstream risks
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Discover how Coupa and Interos can help you proactively monitor your supplier network.

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