Supercharge Supply Chain Resilience

Through ServiceNow™ and Interos, gain unprecedented visibility across vendor and supplier networks to make smarter procurement decisions.

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Embed Operational Resilience and Visibility Across Workflows

The combined power of ServiceNow’s comprehensive, industry-leading enterprise workflow solution and Interos’ unmatched supply chain monitoring technology provides users with instantaneous multi-factor risk assessments for every entity in their supply chain.

  • Promote smarter decisions through deep insight into your suppliers’ financial, operational, ESG, geopolitical and cyber risks, and unlock opportunities for increased sustainability.
  • Gain real-time insight into your supply chain through risk assessments with instant updates that allow you to track changes and trigger configurable automated workflows.
  • Contextualize objectives, connect third-party risk data to broader vendor workflows, and drive efficiencies across your business.

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Know Who You Are Doing Business With

ServiceNow and Interos can help you:

  • Consolidate risk management for your third parties on a single platform with Vendor Risk Management
  • Identify sub-tier suppliers to the Nth degree
  • Trigger vendor reassessments with comprehensive issues, tasks, and notifications
  • Understand the overall health of your supply chain
  • Assess prospective, new, and existing entities against risk factors
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Discover how ServiceNow and Interos prioritize risk reduction and enhance operational resilience.

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