Interos Advances Industry-First Operational Resilience Score, Adding Early Warning Cyber Behavior Model to Identify Which Suppliers Are Most Vulnerable to Urgent Threats

March 9, 2023
Zehra Mehdi-Barlas

Enhanced Cyber Risk Factor for i-Score™ helps procurement and cybersecurity teams zero in on high-impact vendors hidden in global supply chains

Arlington, Va., March 9, 2023 – Interos, the operational resilience company creating the safest, strongest, and most secure supply chains in the world, today announced the launch of its enhanced cyber risk factor, one component of its i-Score measurement of operational resilience.

The update to the i-Scoreincludes a novel cyber behavior model to detect potentially harmful cyber activity regardless of public disclosure, along with commercial cyber ratings, vulnerability information (CVEs), threat assessment (Mitre ATT&CK®), cyber events, regulatory compliance, and operating country issues into a single score.

This enhancement directs procurement and cyber risk managers to their multi-tiered suppliers most vulnerable to breaches, ransomware, data leakage, and other cyber-attacks carried out by threat actors who target vendors hidden in the extended global supply chain. Interos’ 2022 Resilience survey of 1,500 procurement and cybersecurity leaders revealed supply chain disruptions from cyber incidents alone cost enterprises $37M annually.

“This is another crucial step forward in helping organizations achieve operational resilience,” says Andrea Little Limbago, SVP, Research & Analysis, Interos. “We’ve added new, proprietary models that integrate and assess data on cloud-based risk exposure, evaluate anomalous cyber behavior, measure regulatory compliance risks and more. It’s designed to deliver better and faster information to CPOs partnering with CISOs — who are increasingly being held accountable for collective cyber resilience — to respond to more frequent and severe supply chain cyberattacks, with enhanced monitoring of vendors and third-party service providers.”

The updated i-Score ™ is designed to continually simplify complexity in the multi-tiered cyber risk landscape. The methodology features include:

  • For Procurement Leaders – Utilize state-of-the-art cyber assessment without having to be a cyber expert.
  • Comprehensive Cyber Assessment – Bring vulnerabilities, threats, events, compliance, operating country together in one score for the first time.
  • Improved Efficacy and Efficiency – Save time, effort and money by getting a wide array of threat variables to help determine which specific suppliers are more likely to be targeted by bad actors on a unified platform in a single cyber score.
  • Best-in-Class Cyber Data – Integrates the industry’s best data with Interos intellectual property to provide timely, reliable, and actionable cyber risk assessment.

The Interos i-Score™ is the first-of-its-kind resilience score that evaluates the health of extended supply chains against multiple risk factors, including Financial, Restriction, Operations/Catastrophe, Geopolitical, ESG and Cyber.

Today’s update is the latest in a series of platform and i-Score ™ enhancements to automate and accelerate supplier threat assessment and mitigation. With cybercrime forecast to cost the global economy $10.5T annually by 2025, procurement and security teams must work faster and more efficiently than ever to rapidly assess, detect, and respond to resilience threats at every stage of the supplier life cycle.

Interos advances those efforts by aggregating critical supplier data within a single platform to accelerate due diligence, ensure continuous monitoring, and enable reporting. The technology monitors over 345 million entities in real-time, alerting procurement with the most up-to-date data on emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

About Interos

Interos is the operational resilience company – creating the safest, strongest and most secure supply chains in the world. Our pioneering scoring and relationship discovery technologies automate risk assessment, detection, and response. As the world’s only operational resilience platform, we protect customers from regulatory violations, unethical labor, cyber-attacks, bankruptcy, catastrophe and other supplier vulnerabilities. Based in Washington, DC, Interos serves a variety of commercial and government clients around the world, including the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, and a host of Global Fortune 500 companies.

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  • Meet Internal ESG Policies and Expanding Regulatory Requirements
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