Introducing Interos

Interos eliminates hidden risk in every tier of your supplier ecosystem – preventing the ripple effects that compromise brand reputation and disrupt your enterprise.


Interos sees beyond the first, second, and third tiers – mapping and assessing every business you’re connected to.


Interos dynamically scores business relationships across multiple risk factors – customized to your unique priorities.



Our platform ingests 100 events per second to update scores in real-time and alert you to events that effect your – and your supplier’s – business.

Know your suppliers – from the 3rd to the Nth party

Interos uses machine learning to build and maintain the world’s largest knowledge graph of over 50 million relationships to discover and monitor the entirety of your supplier ecosystem.


Interos instantly discovers and visualizes your supplier ecosystem – from the First Tier to the Nth Tier.


Interos continuously monitors supply chain risk using 5 key factors: Financial, Operations, Geographic, Cyber, and Relationships.


Detect & Alert

Interos identifies supplier concentration, unethical labor practices, cyber risk, and trade with restricted countries in real-time.



Interos delivers business context, priority, alternative sources for informed remediation – protecting brand integrity, and ensuring operational resilience.

The Interos Difference


No Surveys!

Login and get started instantly. No invasive conversations or surveys with you, or your suppliers.

Go From Annual Assessment to Continuous Monitoring

Interos ingests and analyzes over 250 million events a month – updating the risk factors of your business relationship ecosystem and alerting you to relevant events in real-time.

No More 'One Supplier at a Time' - Get All at Once

Advanced technologies maintain the worlds largest database of business relationships - We discover hidden relationships, score multiple risk factors instantly for rapid response to prevent damage and loss. 

Why Choose? Search by Product or Supplier

Analyze the risk in your business ecosystem by product or supplier.

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