Aerospace and Defense 2021

Security and Operational Resilience in a World Transformed

This paper explores four key forces that are directly impacting the aerospace and defense industry and transforming the world order. Aerospace and Defense executives looking to get ahead of emerging risks should be asking their teams:

  • Do we have complete visibility into our extended global supply footprint and understand core dependencies on specific countries, components, or products?
  • Do we have bottlenecks or heightened concentration risk in single geographic areas prone to instability, data theft, or at greater susceptibility of climate impact?
  • Can we get ahead of future regulatory disruptions and restrictions by diversifying our multi-tier supply chains toward like-minded countries?
  • Do we understand the security posture of partners throughout our supply chain?
  • How will a disruption abroad impact our supply chain continuation of operations?

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Aerospace and Defense 2021: Security and Operational Resilience in a World Transformed