Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Global Connectivity and Supply Chain Security

How do you connect Kevin Bacon to Oprah Winfrey? It’s obvious: Oprah was in A Wrinkle in Time with Chris Pine who was in Beyond All Boundaries with Kevin Bacon. What about… Fred Astaire? Simple! Astaire was in The Towering Inferno with Robert Wagner who was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon. But what does that have to do with supply chain and risk managment? That subject and the popular hollywood trivia game are about surprising and unexpected connections. Read this whitepaper to learn how unknown connections can pose unexpected cyber risks and what you can do to get proactive about mitigating those risks and securing your supply chain. 


Read this ebook to learn:

  • How hidden vendor connections pose security risks
  • The cost of leaving those risks unmitigated
  • How you can start to address vendor-created cyber risk