Operational Resilience & Supply Chain Risk Management Product Overview

August 12, 2021

Supply chain disruptions are costly. Our latest survey of senior executives reveals on average, disruptions cost organizations $184 million in lost revenue per year, but costs go beyond the bottom line. 83% say they suffered reputational damage because of supply chain problems. Facing a future with even more risks and growing repercussions, companies are focusing on operational resilience to ensure their ability to provide products and services in the face of adverse supply chain events.

That’s what Interos is here to help with. The Interos operational resilience cloud automatically maps, monitors, and models supply chains and business relationships much deeper and further than ever thought possible. So you can view and know everything everywhere in just seconds. With Interos, you will be able to continuously monitor the health of your extended supply chain against six risk factors.

Identify who your critical sub-tier suppliers are. In which countries they operate in. Eliminate suppliers on the denied entities lists, even in sub-tier suppliers. Eliminate ESG risk from suppliers and sub-tier suppliers. Using AI and machine learning, the Interos’ platform allows you to visualize your supply chain to the nth tier, locating your suppliers and sub-tier suppliers by country, and even down to the voting district level.

The Interos platform is the world’s largest business relationship graph. It also incorporates the most comprehensive risk scoring methodology that includes a wide range of risk factors, variables, and attributes that look at the firm, country, and industry levels. The platform can be accessed in a SaaS application or via APIs that integrate the best operational resilience information into your procurement, GRC, workflow, RPA technologies, and data lakes. The Interos operational resilience cloud maps, monitors, and models your extended supply chain to identify, manage operational, reputational, and compliance risk. To get started, go to interos.ai.

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Ensure Operational Resilience

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Build operational resiliency into your extended supply chain:

  • 889 compliance – ensure market access
  • Data sharing with 3rd parties and beyond – protect reputation
  • Concentration risk – ensure business continuity
  • Cyber breaches – assess potential exposure
  • Unethical labor – avoid reputational harm
  • On-boarding and monitoring suppliers – save time and money