Supply Chain Standouts: June 5th

June 5, 2020

COVID-19 exposed the fragility of global supply chains. For this week’s standouts, we’d like to celebrate those innovators leveraging technology to tackle many of the distribution and resiliency challenges across global supply chains.  

Recognized as one of the most innovative executives in the trucking industry, Sudu co-founder and CEO Amari Ruff and his company are disrupting the $800 billion trucking industry. With the help of big data analytics, Sudu helps optimize global logistics management, saving time, money, and minimizing carbon footprints. They also help connect small businesses, minority and women-owned companies with the larger shippers and carriers so both can benefit. 

Speaking of reducing the carbon footprint, at Goodrfounder and CEO Jasmine Crowe has helped pu2 million pounds of food on people’s plates that was previously headed for landfills. Goodr’s motto “Feed More, Waste Less” becomes reality thanks to their technology, which provides real-time analytics to track and manage surplus food, while also helping suppliers reap tax savings, support local communities, and protect the environment. 

Moving from solving food waste to protecting against waste and fraud, Sproxil leverages technology to help companies defend against counterfeit goods within their supply chain. Founder and CEO, Ashifi Gogo, started the company intent on tackling the significant financial and public health costs of counterfeit drugs. You can hear his Ted Talk here. 

Technology also helps one of the largest global shipping companies optimize efficiency, timely delivery, and staffing requirements. FedEx CEO, Ramona Hood, has expertise across operations, safety, sourcing, sales, and marketing, and stresses the role of technology in syncing volume volatility with staffing needs. 

Finally, the launch of the history-making SpaceX Crew Dragon is a tremendous example of private-public partnerships and innovation.

With previous standout focusing on sports, it seemed appropriate to finish this week with a standout that connects the themes of both weeks. Did you know NASA extern, Josh Dobbsis also the quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars? This real-life rocket scientist, who innovates on the field and in space, notes, “We’re on the cusp of changing the projection of space exploration. It’s exciting. It truly is exciting.” While this history-making launch does not address the injustices in the world, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine acknowledged, “Times are tough right now. We’ve got the coronavirus pandemic, we have other challenges in the country. But I hope this moment in time is an opportunity for everybody to reflect on humanity and what we can do when we work together, when we strive and when we achieve.” 

Do you have a favorite story of supply chain innovation, community, and resilience?  Be sure to share them with us on Twitter @InterosInc or on LinkedIn!  

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