Episode 6: Changing Executive Perspectives on Supply Chain Risk

COVID-19 has changed a lot. 

From the way that we do business, to what customers expect out of brands, to the way that brands interact with their customers.

The truth is, we’re never going back to the way things were in January, 2020 and businesses are already rethinking their unflinching commitment to completely global supply chains and considering alternative solutions. 

But such changes are not without risk. 

Our guest on the What Lies Beneath? podcast this week is Bob Brese, VP at Gartner and the former CIO of the Department of Energy, and he had a lot to say around the issue of supply chain risk from the executive level. He also spoke about: 

  • Why he thinks there will be  changes in regulatory scrutiny around supply chain risk
  • How he sees the executive response to supply chain risk changing as a result of COVID-19
  • Why COVID-19 is a major forcing function in business innovation

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