The Defense Supply Chain & COVID-19 with Bob Metzger

June 9, 2020
Harris Allgeier


Episode 7: The Defense Supply Chain & COVID-19 with Bob Metzger

Most of us think we’re prepared.

But if COVID-19 has done anything — and it’s already done a lot — it’s exposed the extent to which our fragile supply chains rely on subjective information and fallible processes.

In this episode, we interview Bob Metzger, head of the D.C. office of Rogers Joseph O’Donnell, PC, about how COVID-19 changed the defense supply chain and what the future holds for regulations like CMMC.

Bob is an expert on contract awards, national security matters, and regulatory and compliance issues. He also co-authored MITRE’s 2018 Deliver Uncompromised report, and the Defense Science Board’s Cyber Supply Study.

In this episode we discuss:

– COVID-19 has been a powerful wakeup call regarding the federal supply chain oversight

– Information matters more than ever when it comes to changes in globalization from COVID-19

– Automation and the future of supply chain management — it’s all going digital


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