Episode 5: Retail and the Recovery from COVID-19

It’s hard to recall a time that’s been been tougher for retailers than now. Over 50% of the US retail square footage is closed, there’s been an estimated 60% drop in retail and hospitality employment hous since february, and layoffs have been widespread across the industry. Despite such dire news, there’s room for hope as we move towards economic recovery. 

We spoke with Greg Spragg, Managing Director at the Growthwise Group and an accomplished retail executive who previously worked at Walmart Stores Sam’s Club Division in several senior leadership roles. Greg spoke with us on key topics including:   

  • Signals companies can look for to prepare for reopening
  • What kinds of retailers will be back to market first
  • Innovations created by COVID-19
  • Shortages in the meat industry – how real they are and what people can do
  • The broader economic impact of retail closures
  • …and more!

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