What Lies Beneath – Nick Beim in Conversation

March 31, 2020
Harris Allgeier


Episode 2: All about AI

This week Jennifer sits down with AI-investor Nick Beim to talk about all things artificial and/or intelligent. Topics of discussion include:

What makes an AI startup compelling to investors?

There’s no denying that AI, as a technology, has been subject to a massive amount of overhype. Nick and Jennifer dig in and discuss how the difference between a company that makes it and a company that breaks it comes down to whether or not they offer a fundamentally new capability, and if they have access to unique data sets.


What aspect of AI is underdiscussed?

The popular understanding of AI is riddled with misconceptions, chief among them is the misunderstanding of AI as a superhuman kind of intelligence. Nick and Jennifer discuss that, while we often cannot estimate where a new technology’s upper limit is, our early understanding of what AI can – and should – do is radically different than what human intelligence is capable of.


What role does AI play in maintaining US technologial superiority?

Maintaining technological parity with international partners – and competitors – is rarely far from top-of-mind. Nick and jennifer discuss how the United States has capitalized on early AI investment – and what could still be done to ensure our continued parity with countries like China, who have also made significant advancements in the field.

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