Cybercrime, Supply Chains, and COVID-19 w/ Ori Eisen

August 25, 2020
Harris Allgeier

Episode 11:

Cybercrime, Supply Chains, and COVID-19 w/ Ori Eisen


“I think the broader economy had no real insight into this evolving mindset of the US government on these Chinese technology companies.” –  Megan Brown

Every time a major global event occurs, whether it’s a celebrity dying or some sort of fantastical news story, the bad guys are sitting there waiting for a chance to get into your inbox. 

With a new identity theft victim every 2 seconds, and with stolen credentials/identities playing a key role in supply chain cyber attacks, the worlds of supply chain, internet fraud, and cybercrime are constantly overlapping with one another. 

The world is increasingly being driven online and with that comes an untold number of places that criminals can get to us. 

Banking, shopping, utilities, mortgage, car payments. It all lives online. So what do you do if someone gets a hold of your passwords? 

On this episode of What Lies Beneath, we talk to Ori Eisen, founder & CEO of Trusona, all about: 

  • Why having a unique password & username may not be enough to keep you safe
  • The intersection of supply chain, internet fraud, & cyber crime
  • How his career has led him to work with an organization fighting child sex trafficking

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Guest Bio


Ori Eisen: Founder and CEO of Trusona, a company that provides passwordless multi-factor authentication for enterprises. In addition to Trusona, Ori also founded 41st Parameter – a leading online fraud prevention and detection solution. Ori was previously the Worldwide Fraud Director for American Express.

Ori holds over two dozen cybersecurity patents and, in his free time, volunteers with Thorn, an organization dedicated to fighting and ending child sexual abuse and trafficking. It’s fair to say that Ori has dedicated his life to fighting online crime.

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