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You Can’t Stop the Threats You Don’t See

Only 8% of financial services organizations continually assess their digital supply chains for third-party risk.

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Freddie Mac Trusts Interos to Get Ahead of Third-Party Risk

“Interos saves time and gives us the opportunity to avoid operational losses.” – William Bagley, VP Enterprise Supply Chain, Freddie Mac

Complexity and poor visibility are getting costlier.

Outsourcing, acquisitions, joint ventures, and a growing list of sub-tier suppliers has created a complicated financial services supply chain—and outdated Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) tools can’t find and mitigate the growing number of threats.

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    Supplier visibility drops to 51% at the third and fourth tier, and dips to 28% and 24% at the next two levels down.

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    Supply chain disruptions cost financial services organizations $164M per year on average.

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    84% suffered reputational damage as a result of supply chain problems.

See your total financial supply chain and act fast on insights.

Third-party networks are a necessity in financial services—but vulnerability doesn’t have to be. From tracking physical assets to monitoring a cashless ecosystem, banks and other services providers need to move beyond traditional TPRM practices.

With AI- and machine learning-driven solutions, you can map, monitor, and model business relationships to mitigate threats to operations, customers, and compliance.

Banks can compete better, serve faster, and improve loyalty.

Traditional third-party risk management methods leave financial organizations vulnerable to cyber, geopolitical, physical, governance, and other risks. When you can see and monitor software suppliers to the Nth tier and harness the world’s first industrial-grade graph database of business relationships, your business can:

  • Know the risk profile of every existing and prospective partner in the software and physical supply chain
  • Onboard with confidence and identify threats to business and customer data
  • Instantly see and avoid prohibited entities and improve regulatory compliance
  • Leverage instantaneous insights for smarter, faster decision making

The Interos Operational Resilience Cloud

A quarter of the Fortune 100 and five of the world’s largest banks use Interos solutions to:




their suppliers to the Nth tier, instantly




continuously for vulnerabilities




their supply chains automatically for insights and alternatives

By leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, the Interos Operational Resilience Cloud platform ingests and integrates dozens of data sets to identify complex dependencies and relationships in seconds.


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Strengthen Your Supply Chain Resilience

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Use Interos’ industry-first i-Score™ to track multiple supply chain risks in a single platform

  • Uncover Financial Weaknesses and Indicators of Future Shocks
  • Ensure Compliance with Trade Restrictions and Sanctions Lists
  • Identify Potential Impacts of Natural Disasters, Pandemics, and Geopolitical Instability
  • Meet Internal ESG Policies and Expanding Regulatory Requirements
  • Protect Data Integrity, System Availability, and Cyber Regulatory Compliance
  • Assess Over-Reliance on Specific Suppliers or Regional Concentrations