The Technology

Instant Supply Chain Visibility

A breakthrough SaaS platform that uses artificial intelligence to model the total ecosystems of complex businesses into a living global map, down to any single supplier, anywhere.

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We’re radically reinventing supply chain management

Using the power of AI and machine learning, Interos maps, monitors, and models your entire supply chain in order to detect distress and vulnerabilities across global physical and digital supply chains.

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Complete Supply Chain Risk Software


Supply Chain Map

Uncover your hidden suppliers to the nth tier to find weak links.


Supply Chain Monitor

Automatically identify vulnerabilities and notify you before disruption to your supply chain.


Supply Chain Model

Model anticipated or actual changes in your supply chain to reduce risk and improve business performance.

Supply Risk Categories

More than just cyber or financial, determining risk in your supply chain requires assessing against a range of factors and variables.


Finance Risk

  • Soundness
  • Solvency
  • Liquidity
  • Growth

Cyber Risk

  • Internet Disruption
  • Industry Attack Profile

Restrictions Risk

  • Defense
  • Commerce

Geopolitical Risk

  • Political Instability
  • Rule of Law

Operations Risk

  • Natural Disaster
  • Pandemic

ESG Risk

  • Human Rights
  • Environmental Impact
Interos Solutions

Unique Underlying Technology

The Interos Knowledge Graph (IKG) is the world’s largest business relationship graph repository. Leveraging machine learning and natural language processing, the IKG analyses big data to discover suppliers and their supplier networks across the globe, mapping out business relationships across entire ecosystems, and continuously assessing vendors against multiple risk types.

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The Interos Knowledge Graph discovers millions of global entities

Inferring billions of business relationships between the entities

Continuously monitoring the changing ecosystem for cyber, operational, geographic, financial and governance related risk.

One Platform, Multiple Solutions


Proactively build adaptability and responsiveness

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Know exactly who you are doing business with

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Bring on new partners confidently and quickly

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Ensure Operational Resilience

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Build operational resiliency into your extended supply chain:

  • 889 compliance – ensure market access
  • Data sharing with 3rd parties and beyond – protect reputation
  • Concentration risk – ensure business continuity
  • Cyber breaches – assess potential exposure
  • Unethical labor – avoid reputational harm
  • On-boarding and monitoring suppliers – save time and money