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Ukraine Crisis and Global Supply Chains

Interos’ Rapid Response team is analyzing supply chain impacts and issues sparked by the Ukrainian crisis. See below for updated reports tracking impacts of sanctions, industry fallout, and extended supply chain connections in Russia and Ukraine.

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Our Research

At Interos, we are working closely with our partners and customers at the U.S. Department of Defense and other foreign ministries around the world to offer technical assistance and in-kind support. We are conducting on going research and share this intelligence in the spirit of doing what we can to be part of the solution during this difficult and perilous time.

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Ukraine Crisis

Supply Chain Implications


Commodity Price Increases

Energy, raw material and agricultural markets all face uncertainty as the region descends into war.


Export Controls and Sanctions

U.S. and European export controls could exacerbate commodity cost pressures.


Cyber Supply Chain Turmoil

Entities linked to malicious cyber activity may face further repercussions from the U.S.


Geopolitical instability

The destabilizing effect of a Russian invasion has wider geopolitical ramifications.

Interos Can Help

Supply chain and information security leaders in U.S. and European organizations should review their dependence on Russian and Ukrainian suppliers at multiple tiers. This is a key first step in assessing risk exposure in the region and ensuring operational resilience.


Avoid Restricted Entities

  • Identify SDN suppliers operating in sanctioned or restricted countries throughout not only your immediate supply chain, but the supply chains of your vendors.

Continuously Monitor Suppliers

  • Restricted and prohibited entity lists are being updated daily. With Interos, you can identify newly restricted vendors dynamically.

Quickly Evaluate New Vendors

  • Bring on new partners confidently and quickly. Evaluate new vendors and their suppliers across multiple risk factors.

Identify Cyber Vulnerabilities

  • Gain a complete view of your software supply chain and manage or avoid risk in potential operational disruptions.
Interos Solutions

The Technology Powering our Research

The Interos Knowledge Graph (IKG) is the world’s largest business relationship graph repository. Leveraging machine learning and natural language processing, the IKG analyses big data to discover suppliers and their supplier networks across the globe, mapping out business relationships across entire ecosystems, and continuously assessing vendors against multiple risk types.

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The Interos Knowledge Graph discovers millions of global entities

Inferring trillions of business relationships between the entities

Continuously monitoring the changing ecosystem for restricted and prohibited entities

Ensure Operational Resilience

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Continuously monitor your extended supply chain so you can identify vulnerability and manage the risk before your organization feels the impact from:

  • Prohibited and restricted entries - countries, companies, people
  • Cyberbreaches or compromised products
  • compliance with trade prohibitions and restrictions