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Tailor your critical risk intelligence to the suppliers you value most for targeted insights that drive informed decisions.

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Introducing Interos Resilience Watchtower

Interos Resilience Watchtower™ transforms supply chain risk management from monitoring to action. You already have data. Our cutting-edge technology helps you contextualize and prioritize it. We provide personalized risk models highlighting vulnerable suppliers based on their impact on your business.


By combining your data with our continuous intelligence, we enable you with a shortlist of critical vendors for a more timely and precise risk response.

Introducing Interos Resilience Watchtower™ from Interos on Vimeo.

Join the Ranks of Companies Expanding from Compliance to Value

One of the world’s largest banks uses Interos Resilience Watchtower to specify third-party cyber and financial risk thresholds for its core lines of business. Armed with this data, the bank is bringing meaning to risk data for better diversification planning.

Get Stronger with Next Generation Risk Technology

Unlike traditional risk management solutions anchored in fixed risk conditions, the Interos Resilience Watchtower™ is built to surface material insights. Together with you, we are pioneering the next generation of safe, strong, and secure supply chains.

Interos’ Automated Supply Chain Resilience Platform Helps You


Assess suppliers based on environmental hazards, seasonal dangers and local infrastructure capability. 


Monitor hazards across physical and digital supply chains at speed and scale.


Report immediate threat data to the C-suite/Board in hours, not days, and use seasonality and future hazard risk intelligence to  enhance the long-term planning process.

Overcome Risk, Simplify Your Business, and Deliver Results

Interos enables organizations to see around corners by using the largest database of B2B relationships in the world. We continuously map and monitor supply chains at scale, allowing enterprises to see and solve sub-tier risks before they become crises. With Interos, leaders gain clarity and command to sustain growth, protect profitability and enhance their reputation.

  • Stop reacting to threats and get ahead of disruptions
  • Improve regulatory compliance and ESG standards
  • Gain competitive advantages and find opportunity

Strengthen Your Supply Chain Resilience

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Use Interos’ industry-first i-Score™ to track multiple supply chain risks in a single platform

  • Uncover Financial Weaknesses and Indicators of Future Shocks
  • Ensure Compliance with Trade Restrictions and Sanctions Lists
  • Stop Disruption from Hurricanes, Floods, Wildfires, Infrastructure Failure, and Other Catastrophes
  • Meet Internal ESG Policies and Expanding Regulatory Requirements
  • Protect Data Integrity, System Availability, and Cyber Regulatory Compliance
  • Assess Over-Reliance on Specific Suppliers or Regional Concentrations
  • Manage Geopolitical Turmoil, Political Shocks, Protests, and Shifting Alliances