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Resilience Isn’t


Use Bespoke Risk Insights

To Fortify Your Supply Chain

Supply Chains Shouldn’t Be

With limited resources and time, businesses only understand and monitor 2% of their supply chain, leaving them exposed to turmoil, attacks, and gaps across the other 98%.

These opaque and unknowable networks worsen disruptions that cost $2.5 trillion in annual losses.

They devastate brand, reputation and profitability.

Don’t let them.

The High Cost of a Shock-Prone World



Annual Savings

Our research reveals that better prevention and swift response to supply chain disruptions can save organizations an average of $37M annually.



Sub-Tier Supplier Disruptions

An alarming 90% of organizations lack awareness of sub-tier supplier disruptions for up to 48 hours, exposing them to significant brand and financial risks.



Multi-factor Risk Awareness

The average annual costs of different supply chain disruptions range from $43M to $47M, emphasizing the need for a multifaceted approach to risk awareness.

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Beat Disruption with Automated Supply Chain Resilience Strategies

Interos is using automation and the world’s largest database of B2B relationships to challenge the supply chain status quo and modernize how organizations manage supplier resilience. We empower enterprises to be Resilient by Design™ – embedding proactive resilience measures into their very foundations, instead of reacting to disruption after the fact.

Using the industry's first, and only, automated supplier resilience platform, we harness the power of AI to map and monitor supply chains at scale.

This enables companies to get ahead of disruption – five days sooner, five moves earlier, and five layers deeper.

Here's How

Why Customers Call Interos
the “First Line of Defense”

The world’s largest public and private sector companies trust Interos to help them know what to fix and where. We’re privileged to accelerate the resilience journey of clients including U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, and a host of Global Fortune 500 companies.

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“Interos is a critical tool to ensure our resilience.”

L3Harris Technologies embeds operational resilience across a complex defense supply chain with hundreds of thousands of suppliers.

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“Interos saves time and gives us the ability to avoid operational losses.”

The $75B government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) ensures advanced supply chain risk monitoring and intelligence for its vast supplier network.

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“With Accenture and Interos together we can manage risk a lot more holistically.”

The world’s largest consulting firm helps customers remain compliant and understand their real-time risk exposure.

Interos capabilities

Use the i-Score™ to Modernize Your Supply Chain Risk Management

Our industry-first AI-powered i-Score™ scores extended supply chains against multiple risk factors using thousands of proprietary data points. It detects hidden ESG, Cyber, Financial, Regulatory, Geopolitical, Catastrophic and other vulnerabilities to pre-empt risk and stop disruption.

Interos established the i-Score™ methodology as the standard by which all resilient supply chains are measured, giving enterprises for the first time a way to benchmark resilience within their industry.

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Stronger Digital Supply Chains

Discover hidden supplier relationships and your exposure to their cyber vulnerabilities.

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Smarter Enterprise Resilience

Identify connections to restricted and prohibited countries, assess legal and regulatory compliance, and identify financial, cyber, governance, geographic, and operational risk down to any single supplier, anywhere – so you know exactly who you are doing business with.

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Faster Supplier Selection and Due Diligence

Leverage the world’s largest database of B2B relationships to pre-screen potential risks during supplier discovery, deep dive into risk intelligence during due diligence, and identify risk-related negotiation and contracting topics.

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Our clients

Global Fortune 500 Companies and Government Agencies Rely on Us

Our visionary customers are evolving their supply chains for competitive advantage. We invite you to explore your supply chain to understand what investments make sense for your organization.

Be Unstoppable. Embrace Resilience By Design.

Commercial Enterprises

Some of the world’s largest Financial, Airline, Energy, A&D, Retail and Technology enterprises trust Interos to continually monitor for disruption across both their physical and digital supply chains.

Federal Agencies

Federal agencies use Interos to secure their supply chains against foreign influence, discover alternative sources, build resilience, and achieve upper-level CMMC compliance.

The world’s largest organizations trust Interos to:
  • Identify potentially disruptive events in their tech stack that could impede operations at a massive scale.
  • Quickly evaluate huge quantities of suppliers to detect those impacted by cyber-attacks including MOVEit, Log4j, SolarWinds and others.
Federal agencies trust Interos to:
  • Achieve compliance by identifying connections to restricted companies.
  • Proactively analyze financial solvency of critical suppliers.

Strengthen Your Supply Chain Resilience

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Use Interos’ industry-first i-Score™ to track multiple supply chain risks in a single platform

  • Uncover Financial Weaknesses and Indicators of Future Shocks
  • Ensure Compliance with Trade Restrictions and Sanctions Lists
  • Stop Disruption from Hurricanes, Floods, Wildfires, Infrastructure Failure, and Other Catastrophes
  • Meet Internal ESG Policies and Expanding Regulatory Requirements
  • Protect Data Integrity, System Availability, and Cyber Regulatory Compliance
  • Assess Over-Reliance on Specific Suppliers or Regional Concentrations
  • Manage Geopolitical Turmoil, Political Shocks, Protests, and Shifting Alliances