Continuous Multi-Tier, Multi-Factor Risk Intelligence

Fortune 500 Businesses and Federal Agencies use Interos to discover, assess, and eliminate 3rd party risk – from the first tier to the Nth

Interos Enables:


Power-up sustainability, with continuous discovery of unethical suppliers and viable alternatives – for every tier in your supply chain.


Regulatory Compliance

Break the annual cycle and instantly evaluate compliance of the 3rd parties you know – and the ones you don’t with scoring across 5 risk factors.


Due Diligence

Go from 30 days to 0 days. Interos uses Machine Learning to enable faster, targeted due diligence while reducing dependance on costly assessments.


Could a single sub-tier supplier freeze operations if they go out of business? Interos provides real-time alerts for any event that threatens business continuity. 


Monthly events monitored


Relationships monitored monthly

Interos provides real-time risk awareness for


Federal Agencies

Federal agencies like the F-35 JSF program use Interos to secure their supply chains against foreign influence, discover alternative sources, build resiliency, and achieve upper-level CMMC compliance. 

Financial Services & Insurance

FSI companies use Interos to drive GDPR and AML compliance and support due diligence activities when engaging and monitoring 3rd parties.


Manufacturers and retailers use Interos to discover Nth tier suppliers, identify alternative sources, gain competitive advantage, and protect against operational delay or disruption.

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