Cyber, Compliance and Procurement Risk Management Solutions

Covid, Concentration Risk, Counterfeits, Cyber Risk and Prohibited Suppliers - disruption takes many forms but Interos can help you achieve supply chain resilience across your organization.

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Why Interos Hero
Interos solutions

Operational Resilience Best Practice Across the Entire Enterprise

We detect physical, financial, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities well before operational effects, with an instant global view of every relationship scenario you can imagine.


Achieve Cyber Resilience

Discover hidden supplier relationships and your exposure to their cyber vulnerabilities.

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Ensure Compliance and Good Governance

Identify connections to restricted and prohibited countries, assess legal and regulatory compliance, and identify financial, cyber, governance, geographic, and operational risk to the nth tier – so you know exactly who you are doing business with.

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Source with Confidence & Avoid Procurement Risk

With the world’s largest business relationship graph, Interos automatically discovers and evaluates global suppliers and their networks, to help professionals make strategic vendor management decisions, with none of the friction.

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Strengthen Your Supply Chain Resilience

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Use Interos’ industry-first i-Score™ to track multiple supply chain risks in a single platform

  • Uncover Financial Weaknesses and Indicators of Future Shocks
  • Ensure Compliance with Trade Restrictions and Sanctions Lists
  • Stop Disruption from Hurricanes, Floods, Wildfires, Infrastructure Failure, and Other Catastrophes
  • Meet Internal ESG Policies and Expanding Regulatory Requirements
  • Protect Data Integrity, System Availability, and Cyber Regulatory Compliance
  • Assess Over-Reliance on Specific Suppliers or Regional Concentrations
  • Manage Geopolitical Turmoil, Political Shocks, Protests, and Shifting Alliances