You’re more resilient when you know what’s coming.

Uncovering hidden vulnerabilities across thousands of interconnected supply chains is a constant challenge. But that’s precisely what Interos does: we make risk Visible, Material, and Actionable every single day.

With Interos Resilience Watchtower, you get eyes on your entire supply chain in real-time, enabling you to transform visibility into action.

  • Bring your own supplier data that adds valuable context to the materiality of their riskiness, the nature of your relationship with them, and how critical they are to your business
  • Know exactly where to focus with daily alerts and watchlists that highlight suppliers most at risk for disruption based on risk criteria and thresholds that you specify
  • Update target risk profiles based on changes in business and market conditions
  • Tailor risk scenarios from our data hierarchy that includes risk factors, subfactors, and more than 240 attributes as well as customer provided data
  • Constantly feed supplier updates through the Interos API and send dynamic reports directly to your inbox

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